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And We’re Back…With New Writers!

Written by Laura

After a bit of a delay, we’ve finally managed to bring back the blog! Hello moms, are you still out there?

It’s only fitting that after our little technical difficulties, we talk about yours. More importantly, we talk about what you moms do to get back on track after a set-back.

For us, it was patience, communication, and resilience that got the ball rolling and eventually brought our blog back. Of course, comparing real life maintenance to blog maintenance is silly, and we know that. However, maybe some of the lessons are the same.

Years ago, Psychology Today had a short article about how to come back from a setback. Here is the link.

A poignant quote from the article says, “Big losses provide the biggest opportunities for change…They make a person more open to trying new things.”

We’ve changed blog servers and added new writers to our roster. This was our way of “updating.” So dear moms, we know times can get tough but we believe in you. We know you can bounce back. Share your stories with us! Tell us how you overcame adversity.