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I Now Pronounce You…You

Written by Gabi

So I have a big announcement to make. I’m now a Mrs.

A Mrs. Me that is.

Happened not too long ago in a lovely backyard ceremony. Attended by me. And a few passing cars that couldn’t help but stare at the weird lady standing in a foot of snow, with giant boots, a parka and a halo with ribbons streaming down each side.

When I was married, the ex bought our rings at some chain that offers a lifetime exchange for any jewelry you buy there. When we divorced, I traded in my rings and decided I wanted to be be-jangled in a bunch of plain ole bands on practically every finger. So I bought my rings and well..one by one, they disappeared. One in the garden. One in my car. One in bed, I think. But I could never find em. Not one. So I figured it was energy from a bad time and figured the huge credit I had left at said store would just go to waste cause I’d lose whatever I bought. So I forgot about it.

Then, not too long ago, I got a notice that said if I didn’t use the credit, I’d lose it, and since I’m not one for wastin’ things, I headed down to the store to see what would happen. I wandered through the diamonds and sapphires and seriously ugly whatever that was, and then it dawned on me. The best way to use energy from a time that didn’t serve me was to commit to serve myself from this day forward. So I bought a wedding band. And a pair of seriously expensive earrings for the clerk who helped me, in exchange for a promise that whenever she wears them, she has to do something nice for someone else. She was, in her polyester jewelry store uniform, rather stunned. Made me smile. I think I made her nervous.

Then I hopped in my car, went home, wrote some of the best vows around, and out to the backyard I traipsed. Stood near the garden. I said a little prayer, burned a picture of my past to rid myself of the things that no longer served me, put the ring on my finger and said, “To me, I thee wed.” Then I took my picture with a self-timer camera. I was a lovely bride, if I don’t say so myself.

Now, when I have a moment of doubt, a second when that self-critic comes out to play, or just a moment when life feels too big to grab, I reach over to my left hand (and yes, I did that on purpose–kind of the anti-wedding) and I remember that my commitment is to me. And one happily ever after I do intend to have.